Vessel Delivery FAQ

Do you offer Instruction?

Yes, we offer instruction to new boat owners or those moving up to larger boats or wanting some assistance with navigation for an offshore, coastal or an ICW trip. We teach all aspects of safe boating, seamanship, boat handling, anchoring, and navigation, for both sail and power boats. All instruction is given on your boat and we cruise wherever you want to go. Owners or Owner Representatives are welcome join us on their delivery to learn.

What about Insurance during Delivery?

The owner will contact his insurance company and ask that I be added as an "also insured" for the duration of the delivery. The owner will provide a copy of his insurance policy showing the policy is current and that I am insured to deliver the boat.

Are you insured or Bonded?

I carry personal insurance, however, this insures me, not your vessel! You will insure your vessel during the delivery by adding me as an "also insured" to your policy. (see above)

How are Expenses handled?

An estimate of expected expenses will be provided with the delivery contract. All actual expenses for air travel, ground transportation, fuel, boat expenses, on board food and provisions are the responsibility of the owner. The owner will provide enough funds prior to leaving to cover the cost of estimated expenses for the trip plus 50% of my estimated fees. We will provide receipts and documentation for all expenses and provide a full accounting at the end of the delivery.

How do I keep in touch with you during the delivery?

I carry a cell phone and computer with text and email for most foreign countries. I check e-mail at each stop and will keep in touch and update you on our progress. When going offshore, I carry a GPS tracking device and a satellite telephone.

What if my boat requires repairs during the delivery?

We can do reasonable repairs for normal maintenance items such as fuel filters, stuffing box, water pump impellers, lights, etc. However, we are not mechanics and will involve mechanics for any repair outside of our capabilities. The best repair is preventive maintenance. Replacing fuel filters, impellers, belts, hoses, etc. that are in need of repair before a trip will save you time and money.

How are weather or mechanical delays handled?

We use good judgement on our routings to avoid weather delays. However, if weather prevents us from continuing we ensure the crew and vessels safety and communicate with the owner. Short delays are paid at our normal day rate. Lengthy delays due to a significant weather event are negotiated with fairness to the owner and the delivery crew.

Mechanical delays are handled similarly. Short delays are paid at our normal day rate, with longer delays negotiated with fairness to the owner and the delivery crew.